Duke Tricks With Cards Checklist (ACC# N138)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Tricks With Cards set (ACC# N138). This is also a tough set to find, most likely because it was (and still isn’t) a very popular set. The fronts describe a particular card trick and the backs give details on how to perform the trick. The trick descriptions on the back correspond to tricks other than the one shown on the front, for instance card #10 Sympathetic Cards has the description for the trick shown on card # 3 on the back.

The set consists of an unusual amount of 24 numbered cards. They were packed in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Tricks With Cards (24)

  1. Vital Cards
  2. Solitaire
  3. Transfixed Cards
  4. Second Sight
  5. The Restored Card
  6. An Electric Stroke
  7. Dissolving Card
  8. Caught on the Fly
  9. Surer than 3 Card Monte
  10. Sympathetic Cards
  11. Metamorphoses
  12. Quicker Than Thought
  13. Electrified Cards
  14. Jumping Card
  15. Mouchoir du Diable
  16. Cabalistic Cards
  17. A Square Deal
  18. Inseparable Couples
  19. The Rattled Innkeeper
  20. Mysterious Confederacy
  21. Clairvoyance
  22. A Penetrative Eye
  23. Carte Vivante
  24. Metempsychosis

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