Duke Transparencies Checklist (ACC# N137)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Transparencies set (ACC# N137). This is a tough set to find, probably because the cards themselves are very thin and easily destroyed. The thinness was on purpose as the cards were supposed to be held up to light to see a “transparent” effect (thus the set being called “Transparencies” by collectors). There’s little information on the cards, just the word “Honest” on the front. The cards showing girls have no captions so a brief description is given in the checklist. The backs are blank.

The set consists of 25 unnumbered cards. They were packed in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Transparencies (25)

  1. Bethesda Fountain
  2. The Bridal Veil
  3. Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Capitol, Washington
  5. Columbus Monument, N.Y.
  6. Coney Island
  7. Garibaldi Monument, N.Y.
  8. Girl facing to left (shoulders and head view)
  9. Girl facing to right (shoulders and head view)
  10. Girl, standing with left arm raised
  11. Girl, standing with hands on hips
  12. Girl, sitting on stool
  13. Girl, seated with guitar
  14. Grand Canel, Venice
  15. Horse Shoe Falls in Winter
  16. The Hudson
  17. Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
  18. Niagara Falls
  19. The Palisades
  20. Statue of Liberty, N.Y.
  21. U.S. Battleship Indiana
  22. U.S.S. Texas
  23. Washington Arch
  24. Washington Bridge
  25. White House

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