Duke Types Of Vessels Checklist (ACC# N139)

The Duke Types Of Vessels set consists of 25 die-cut cards. This is a popular set that is hard to find in great condition (as is generally the case with die-cuts). The backs can have the “Honest Long Cut” text printed in either green or blue. Knapp is the lithographer of the green backs and Giles is the lithographer of the blue backs.

This set was issued around 1889 and were packed in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Types Of Vessels (25)

  1. Am. 3-Mast Schooner
  2. Am. Cruiser (Saluting)
  3. Am. Cruiser, Bark Rigged
  4. Am. Tug Boat
  5. Ballancelle (Mediterranean)
  6. Brigantine
  7. Catamaran
  8. Cat Boat
  9. Dutch Coaster
  10. English Channel Side-Wheeler
  11. Flat Bottomed Sail-Boat
  12. French Fishing Smack
  13. Full Rigged Ship
  14. Lighter, N.Y. Bay
  15. N.Y. Ferry Boat
  16. Modern Ocean Grey Hound
  17. Old Transatlantic Side-Wheeler
  18. Olyster Sloop
  19. Racing Canoe
  20. Schooner Yacht
  21. Sloop Yacht
  22. Sound Steamer
  23. Steam Launch
  24. Tug Boat, Head On
  25. Wreck On Shore

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