Duke The Terrors of America (Large Format) Checklist (ACC# N136)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Terrors of America set (ACC#N136). This set is a larger format version of the N88 set. The inset images are from the N88 set and the checklist is the same. This set is also an unnumbered 50 card set issued around 1889.

These were packaged in the Honest Long Cut brand and are approximately 2 1/2  x 4 3/4 inches in size.

Terrors of America (50)

  1. “Ain’t she a beauty”
  2. “Clean it for a quarter”
  3. “Extra! Extra!!’
  4. “Get off there”
  5. “Hit a fellar yer size”
  6. “I didn’t steal no apples”
  7. “Knuckle down!”
  8. “Let her go slow”
  9. “Line up back there”
  10. “Please come home”
  11. “Pot a Boilin”
  12. “Watch me hit him”
  13. “What a find”
  14. “Wid me one hand”
  15. A Stunt
  16. A Turkish Bath
  17. Before Election
  18. Big Bite
  19. Boss Whistler
  20. Brick in Hat
  21. De Boss of de Gang
  22. Election Night
  23. Fishing
  24. Foot Ball
  25. Hide and Seek
  26. In the First Class
  27. Kite Time
  28. Leap Frog
  29. Maud S.
  30. Me galluses is gone wrong
  31. My New Duds
  32. Out in left field
  33. Out on first
  34. Playing Buffalo Bill
  35. Playing Nurse
  36. Rabbit Hunting
  37. Save the Core
  38. Snow Balling
  39. Spread the Eagle
  40. Swimming
  41. Tappy-on-the-window
  42. Thanksgiving Day
  43. The Boss Fighter
  44. The Boss Short Stop
  45. The Catcher
  46. The Dude
  47. The Figure Eight
  48. The Pitcher
  49. The Umpire
  50. Tug of War

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