American Tobacco Company

American Tobacco Company Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Checklist (ACC# N143)

The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show set (ACC # N143) was produced by the American Tobacco Company for the Honest Long Cut brand. Since this would be after the Duke merger that formed the ATC, this set was probably produced in the early 1890s.

The set itself was a premium obtained by mail, although the die-cut pieces may also have been inserted into packs of Honest Long Cut as some have been seen with ad information stamped on the backs. The complete premium package consists of 38 die-cut cards, 6 “Act” cards, a program and a “stage” or base piece that the die-cuts fit into via tabs.

The die-cuts were either numbered or lettered to correspond to their placement on the base. The checklist below is numbered sequentially with the die-cut’s actual designation shown in parentheses.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show (38 die-cuts + 6 “Act” tabs)

  1. Mountain landscape (“1”)
  2. Mountain landscape 2 (“1a”)
  3. Mountain landscape 3 (“1b”)
  4. Small teepee (“2”)
  5. Indians walking through mountain pass (“3”)
  6. Teepee (“4”)
  7. Teepee – animal paintings (“5”)
  8. Indian shooting bow while mounted (“6”)
  9. Large teepee (“7”)
  10. Indian riding brown horse, holding rope (“8”)
  11. Large teepee with sun signs (“9”)
  12. Buffalo herd (“10”)
  13. Indian riding black horse, holding rope (“11”)
  14. Indian on horse holding rifle (“15”)
  15. Stagecoach, cowboys shooting out of it (“17”)
  16. Horses from stagecoach (two tabs on this card: “18” and “19”)
  17. Indian shot, falling from horse (“21”)
  18. Indian shooting bow while mounted, pointing away from viewer (“23 1st”)
  19. Cowboy shooting rifle while mounted – pointed towards viewer (“23 2d”)
  20. Indian holding onto the side of a running horse (“25”)
  21. Cowboy riding white horse, shooting pistol (“27”)
  22. Indian riding running a Pinto (“28”)
  23. Cowboy shooting rifle while mounted – running to the left (“31”)
  24. Indian falling off an injured horse (“32”)
  25. Indian sitting, beating drum (“A”)
  26. Indian dancing, holding shield and spear (“B”)
  27. Cowboy to left of covered wagon (“C”)
  28. Cowboy with covered wagon – side view (“F”)
  29. Cowboy shooting pistol behind horse (“G”)
  30. Indian squatting with shield (“H”)
  31. Indian running with shield (“I”)
  32. Indian with raised shield (“J”)
  33. Indian running with shield – seen from behind (“K”)
  34. Indian holding shield – bent over (“M”)
  35. Indian kneeling – seen from behind (“N”)
  36. Cowboy riding bucking horse (“R”)
  37. Cowboy riding buffalo (“V”)
  38. Cowboy shooting rifle while mounted – pointed behind horse (“X”)
  39. Act 1st: Attack On Deadwood Coach (Unnumbered)
  40. Act 2nd: The Rescue (Unnumbered)
  41. Act 3rd: Buffalo Riders Bucking Bronchos (Unnumbered)
  42. Act 4th: Surrounding A Wagon Train (Unnumbered)
  43. Act 5th: Scalp Dance (Unnumbered)
  44. Act 6th: The Last Shot (Unnumbered)

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