Duke Sports Celebrities Checklist (ACC# N142)

The Duke Sports Celebrities set (ACC# 142) is rare, sports related, and very valuable. The is an unnumbered set made up of only seven cards, four baseball players and three cyclists. These are large format cabinet cards, roughly 6 x 9 inches. The Honest Long Cut brand is advertised at the bottom left on the fronts and the backs are blank.

Sports Celebrities (7)

  1. G.S. Davis (Baseball – New York)
  2. E.J. Delehanty (Baseball – Philadelphia)
  3. John S. Johnson (Cyclist)
  4. W.M. Nash (Baseball – Boston)
  5. W. Robinson (Baseball – Baltimore)
  6. W.C. Sanger (Cyclist)
  7. A.A. Zimmerman (Cyclist)

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