Duke Talk Of The Diamond Checklist (ACC# N135)

The Duke Talk Of The Diamond (ACC# N135) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set. This set features baseball-themed cartoons showing various comical references to baseball slang. This set was issued after the American Tobacco Company merger, around 1893. In some cases, the titles on the checklist found on the backs vary slightly from what is actually printed on the fronts. This set was found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Talk Of The Diamond (25)

  1. After The Ball
  2. A Base Tender
  3. A Big Hit
  4. A Chronic Kicker
  5. A Foul Balk
  6. A Foul Catch
  7. Going For Third Base
  8. A Good Catch
  9. A Good Throw
  10. He Serves The Ball
  11. A Heavy Batter
  12. A Home Run
  13. A Hot Ball
  14. Left Field
  15. Left On Base
  16. A Lively Game
  17. A Low Ball
  18. No Game
  19. Out
  20. A Pitcher In The Box
  21. A Regular Ball
  22. A Rounder
  23. A Short Stop
  24. Stealing A Base
  25. Three Out – All Out

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