More Clipper ship cards

Found some more cool examples of clipper ship cards:

There can be multiple cards for a particular ship, here’s two for the Panama. The first is for New York to San Francisco and the second from San Francisco to Australia. Don’t know if these cards are from the same trip (different legs) or not.

Panama - NY to SF
Panama to Australia
Panama - SF to Australia

The designs also range from the very plain to really elaborate:

Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill

Looks like the majority of these cards were produced by Nesbitt & Co. printers, although alot of cards don’t state who printed them. I’ll post more interesting examples and information as I find it.


John Tucker Clipper Ship

I’ve just recently discovered clipper ship cards and find them very interesting.  Beautiful printing and the historical aspect are what attract me.  The image below is a card for the John Tucker which was owned and operated by Sutton & Co. with Frank Hallett as the ship’s master. A recent example of this card sold on eBay for $1,250. Apparently most cards in decent condition sell around this price range.

This card is advertising the run from New York to San Francisco and is printed by Nesbit & Co.

John Tucker
John Tucker

You can find more basic information about clipper ship cards HERE and more examples HERE.