Duke Transparencies Checklist (ACC# N137)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Transparencies set (ACC# N137). This is a tough set to find, probably because the cards themselves are very thin and easily destroyed. The thinness was on purpose as the cards were supposed to be held up to light to see a “transparent” effect (thus the set being called “Transparencies” by collectors). There’s little information on the cards, just the word “Honest” on the front. The cards showing girls have no captions so a brief description is given in the checklist. The backs are blank.

The set consists of 25 unnumbered cards. They were packed in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Transparencies (25)

  1. Bethesda Fountain
  2. The Bridal Veil
  3. Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Capitol, Washington
  5. Columbus Monument, N.Y.
  6. Coney Island
  7. Garibaldi Monument, N.Y.
  8. Girl facing to left (shoulders and head view)
  9. Girl facing to right (shoulders and head view)
  10. Girl, standing with left arm raised
  11. Girl, standing with hands on hips
  12. Girl, sitting on stool
  13. Girl, seated with guitar
  14. Grand Canel, Venice
  15. Horse Shoe Falls in Winter
  16. The Hudson
  17. Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
  18. Niagara Falls
  19. The Palisades
  20. Statue of Liberty, N.Y.
  21. U.S. Battleship Indiana
  22. U.S.S. Texas
  23. Washington Arch
  24. Washington Bridge
  25. White House

Duke The Terrors of America (Large Format) Checklist (ACC# N136)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Terrors of America set (ACC#N136). This set is a larger format version of the N88 set. The inset images are from the N88 set and the checklist is the same. This set is also an unnumbered 50 card set issued around 1889.

These were packaged in the Honest Long Cut brand and are approximately 2 1/2  x 4 3/4 inches in size.

Terrors of America (50)

  1. “Ain’t she a beauty”
  2. “Clean it for a quarter”
  3. “Extra! Extra!!’
  4. “Get off there”
  5. “Hit a fellar yer size”
  6. “I didn’t steal no apples”
  7. “Knuckle down!”
  8. “Let her go slow”
  9. “Line up back there”
  10. “Please come home”
  11. “Pot a Boilin”
  12. “Watch me hit him”
  13. “What a find”
  14. “Wid me one hand”
  15. A Stunt
  16. A Turkish Bath
  17. Before Election
  18. Big Bite
  19. Boss Whistler
  20. Brick in Hat
  21. De Boss of de Gang
  22. Election Night
  23. Fishing
  24. Foot Ball
  25. Hide and Seek
  26. In the First Class
  27. Kite Time
  28. Leap Frog
  29. Maud S.
  30. Me galluses is gone wrong
  31. My New Duds
  32. Out in left field
  33. Out on first
  34. Playing Buffalo Bill
  35. Playing Nurse
  36. Rabbit Hunting
  37. Save the Core
  38. Snow Balling
  39. Spread the Eagle
  40. Swimming
  41. Tappy-on-the-window
  42. Thanksgiving Day
  43. The Boss Fighter
  44. The Boss Short Stop
  45. The Catcher
  46. The Dude
  47. The Figure Eight
  48. The Pitcher
  49. The Umpire
  50. Tug of War

Duke Talk Of The Diamond Checklist (ACC# N135)

The Duke Talk Of The Diamond (ACC# N135) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set. This set features baseball-themed cartoons showing various comical references to baseball slang. This set was issued after the American Tobacco Company merger, around 1893. In some cases, the titles on the checklist found on the backs vary slightly from what is actually printed on the fronts. This set was found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Talk Of The Diamond (25)

  1. After The Ball
  2. A Base Tender
  3. A Big Hit
  4. A Chronic Kicker
  5. A Foul Balk
  6. A Foul Catch
  7. Going For Third Base
  8. A Good Catch
  9. A Good Throw
  10. He Serves The Ball
  11. A Heavy Batter
  12. A Home Run
  13. A Hot Ball
  14. Left Field
  15. Left On Base
  16. A Lively Game
  17. A Low Ball
  18. No Game
  19. Out
  20. A Pitcher In The Box
  21. A Regular Ball
  22. A Rounder
  23. A Short Stop
  24. Stealing A Base
  25. Three Out – All Out

Duke State Governors, Coats Of Arms, Etc… Checklist (ACC# N133)

The Duke State Governors, Coats Of Arms, Etc… (ACC# N133) set is a 48 card, unnumbered set featuring the 38 states at the time, plus nine territories and the District of Columbia. This set was issued around 1888 and comes in two variations. The more common version is a slightly wider triple folder found in packs of the Duke’s Cigarettes, Cameo, and Turkish Cross-Cut brands. A thick stock, non-folder version was found in packs of Honest Long Cut. The thick stock version being less common.

The card fronts show three panels usually showing the state or territory’s coat of arms and flag, with the governor portrayed in the center. The backs have specific information about the state or territory and a map.

Triple Folder (Turkish Cross-Cut)
Thick Stock (Honest Long Cut)

State Governors, Coats Of Arms, Etc… (48)

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona Ter.
  3. Arkansas
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Dakota Ter.
  8. Delaware
  9. District of Columbia
  10. Florida
  11. Georgia
  12. Idaho Ter.
  13. Illinois
  14. Indiana
  15. Indian Territory
  16. Iowa
  17. Kansas
  18. Kentucky
  19. Louisiana
  20. Maine
  21. Maryland
  22. Massachusetts
  23. Michigan
  24. Minnesota
  25. Mississippi
  26. Missouri
  27. Montana Ter.
  28. Nebraska
  29. Nevada
  30. New Hampshire
  31. New Jersey
  32. New Mexico Ter.
  33. New York
  34. North Carolina
  35. Ohio
  36. Oregon
  37. Pennsylvania
  38. Rhode Island
  39. South Carolina
  40. Tennessee
  41. Texas
  42. Utah Ter.
  43. Vermont
  44. Virginia
  45. Washington Ter.
  46. West Virginia
  47. Wisconsin
  48. Wyoming Ter.

Duke Stars Of The Stage Sets (ACC #s 129, 130, 131, 132)

The Duke Stars of the Stage set was issued in four sets, each with 25 cards. They are all unnumbered and feature pictures of unnamed women who were presumably “Stars of the Stage” at that time. The first series is thought to have been issued around 1890, the following sets were issued within the next couple of years with the N132 set probably being in 1893. Each series features a distinct style which makes it easy to determine what set a particular card belongs to.

1st Series (N129): This series features color portraits of women from the shoulders up. Some of the backs of these cards have been found with the text “Third Series”, but this probably refers to a third printing as the actual 3rd series looks distinctly different. This series was found in Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand. Gail & Ax also included these cards in their Navy Long Cut brand, the backs show an ad for Navy Long Cut but otherwise are the same. The Gail & Ax version are quite a bit harder to find than the Duke versions.

2nd Series (N130): This series features color full-body portraits of women. This series was found in Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand. A Gail & Ax version may also exist for this series (according to the American Card Catalog) but I have not been able to verify that.

3rd Series (N131): This series is distinct because of its heavy black border and the Honest Long Cut ad on the front. The portraits again depict the women from the shoulders up. This series was found in Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand.

4th Series (N132): This is also a distinct series because each card is die-cut and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This series was also found in Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand.

Duke Snapshots From Puck Checklist (ACC# N128)

The Duke Snapshots From Puck (ACC# N128) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set. This set features cartoons taken from the humor magazine “Puck” which was published in the 1880s. The cards have both horizontal and vertical front formats and the backs just have a generic message and Ad, no checklist is shown. This set was found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Snapshots From Puck (25)

  1. The Accumulative Instinct
  2. All He Had
  3. At Miss Ahrenheim’s Wedding
  4. Beneath His Notice
  5. A Crack At The Truth
  6. A Dangerous Precedent
  7. Don’t Move…
  8. His First Look At The New Fountain
  9. An Improvised Pastille
  10. In The Museum Of Art
  11. In The Nature Of A Privilege
  12. Jupiter Pluvius Outdone
  13. More Than One Way
  14. A Natural Mistake
  15. Not Used To It
  16. On The Bridge
  17. On The New York And New Haven R.R.
  18. On The Way To The Station
  19. Poetry Repeats Itself
  20. Presence Of Mind
  21. She Knew His Whiskers
  22. Sport On The Lots
  23. A Subterfuge
  24. Unsofisticated
  25. What We See On The Ferries

Duke Sea Captains Checklist (ACC# N127)

The Duke Sea Captains (ACC# N127) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set. Each card shows a famous sea captain of the time with the shipping company he worked for and the name of his vessel. These cards are found in the Honest Long Cut brand and were released around 1887.

The checklist on the back of the cards are arranged by shipping company, then vessel name. The checklist compiled below is in order of the captain’s last name.

Sea Captains (25)

  1. Julius Barre – North German Lloyd
  2. Samuel Brooks – Guion: “Arizona”
  3. Richard Bussius – North German Lloyd: “Werra”
  4. Henry Condron – Inman: “City of Chester”
  5. T. Cook – Cunard: “Etruria”
  6. Alphonse P.M. Perier D’Hauteerive – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “Labrador”
  7. E. Frangeul – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “La Normandie”
  8. E.H. Freeth – American: “British Princess”
  9. Benjamin Gleadell – White Star: “Celtic”
  10. W.H.P. Hains – Cunard: “Aurania”
  11. Peter J. Irving – White Star: “Republic”
  12. Francis S. Land – Inman: “City of Berlin”
  13. Christoph Leist – North German Lloyd: “Supt. Captain”
  14. W. McKickan – Cunard: “Umbria”
  15. R.D. Munro – Anchor: “City of Rome”
  16. George S. Murray – Guion: “Alaska”
  17. Hamilton Perry – White Star: “Britannic:
  18. James Price – Guion: “Abyssinia”
  19. W.G. Randall – Red Star: “Westernland”
  20. S. Santelli – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “Amerique”
  21. Redford W. Sargent – American: “Indiana”
  22. James Sumner – National: “Egypt”
  23. Patrick Urquhart – American: “Lord Clive”
  24. Frederick Watkins – Inman: “City of New York”
  25. Wilhelm Willigerod – North German Lloyd: “Trave”