Duke Gems Of Beauty Checklist (ACC# N111 & N141)

The Duke Gems Of Beauty set was basically released twice, once with the Honest Long Cut brand and once with the Fair Play Long Cut brand. The set itself consists of 25 cards, unnumbered and with no official checklist. The fronts of the two issues are essentially the same with some small differences in the borders on the fronts and the primary difference being the backs – the N111 issue has an ad for Honest Long Cut, while the N141 issue promotes the Fair Play brand. Both issues were released around 1890.

The fronts of the cards show bust-length images of women with pastel backgrounds. The checklist below gives a brief description of the pictured woman on each card.

Gems Of Beauty (25)

  1. Red hat, looking right
  2. Red top, looking right
  3. Blond hair, looking right
  4. Black hat with blue flowers, looking right
  5. Blue hat, looking right
  6. Yellow hat with flowers, looking right
  7. Top with black fringe, looking right
  8. Yellow hat with large ribbon, looking right
  9. Red hair with black parasol, looking right
  10. Red top with black fringe, looking right
  11. Fancy blue hat, looking forward
  12. White top, red hair with hat, looking forward
  13. Blue top and hat, read hair, looking forward
  14. White top, hat with flowers, looking forward
  15. Short hair, necklace, looking forward
  16. Red top and hat, looking forward
  17. Black hair, looking left
  18. Long red hair with hat, looking left
  19. Top with black fringe, looking left
  20. Black hair, lace shawl, looking left
  21. Red top, looking left
  22. Black hair with fancy head wrap, looking left
  23. Dark blue top, looking left
  24. Red hair, top with white fringe, looking left
  25. Black hair, fancy hat, looking left

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