Duke Sea Captains Checklist (ACC# N127)

The Duke Sea Captains (ACC# N127) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set. Each card shows a famous sea captain of the time with the shipping company he worked for and the name of his vessel. These cards are found in the Honest Long Cut brand and were released around 1887.

The checklist on the back of the cards are arranged by shipping company, then vessel name. The checklist compiled below is in order of the captain’s last name.

Sea Captains (25)

  1. Julius Barre – North German Lloyd
  2. Samuel Brooks – Guion: “Arizona”
  3. Richard Bussius – North German Lloyd: “Werra”
  4. Henry Condron – Inman: “City of Chester”
  5. T. Cook – Cunard: “Etruria”
  6. Alphonse P.M. Perier D’Hauteerive – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “Labrador”
  7. E. Frangeul – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “La Normandie”
  8. E.H. Freeth – American: “British Princess”
  9. Benjamin Gleadell – White Star: “Celtic”
  10. W.H.P. Hains – Cunard: “Aurania”
  11. Peter J. Irving – White Star: “Republic”
  12. Francis S. Land – Inman: “City of Berlin”
  13. Christoph Leist – North German Lloyd: “Supt. Captain”
  14. W. McKickan – Cunard: “Umbria”
  15. R.D. Munro – Anchor: “City of Rome”
  16. George S. Murray – Guion: “Alaska”
  17. Hamilton Perry – White Star: “Britannic:
  18. James Price – Guion: “Abyssinia”
  19. W.G. Randall – Red Star: “Westernland”
  20. S. Santelli – Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: “Amerique”
  21. Redford W. Sargent – American: “Indiana”
  22. James Sumner – National: “Egypt”
  23. Patrick Urquhart – American: “Lord Clive”
  24. Frederick Watkins – Inman: “City of New York”
  25. Wilhelm Willigerod – North German Lloyd: “Trave”

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