Duke Rulers, Flags, and Coats of Arms Checklist (ACC# N126)

The Duke Rulers, Flags, and Coats of Arms (ACC# N126) set is a 51 card, unnumbered set that comes in two variations. The first variation is a thin-stock triple folder that was issued in the Dukes Cigarettes, Dukes Cameos, and Turkish Cross-Cut brands. The second variation is a thicker-stock, non-folding issue that was packed in the Honest Long Cut brand. The main differences in these two variations are detailed below:

Triple Folders:

  • Checklist shows 49 cards, Falls of Niagara and Siam not listed.
  • Backs give alot of details and marketing about Duke cigarettes.
  • Backs are horizontally oriented.

Thick stock:

  • Checklist shows 50 cards, Falls of Niagara is not found in this variation.
  • Backs are basically a checklist only, with the Honest Long Cut brand underneath.
  • Backs are vertically oriented.
Triple Folder
Thick Stock

Rulers, Flags, and Coats of Arms (51)

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Baden
  4. Bavaria
  5. Belgium
  6. Bolivia
  7. Brazil
  8. Canada
  9. Chili
  10. China
  11. Cuba
  12. Denmark
  13. Ecuador
  14. Eqypt
  15. England
  16. France
  17. German Empire
  18. Greece
  19. Guatemala
  20. Hayti
  21. Holland
  22. Honduras
  23. Hungary
  24. India
  25. Ireland
  26. Italy
  27. Japan
  28. Mecklenburg
  29. Mexico
  30. Norway
  31. Oldenburg
  32. Persia
  33. Peru
  34. Portugal
  35. Roman States
  36. Russia
  37. Roumania
  38. Sandwich Islands
  39. Saxony
  40. Scotland
  41. Servia
  42. Spain
  43. Sweden
  44. Switzerland
  45. Turkey
  46. United States
  47. U.S. Columbia
  48. Venezuela
  49. Wurtemberg
  50. Siam * not listed on triple folder checklist
  51. Falls of Niagara * not listed on checklist, only found in the triple folders

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