Duke Puzzles Checklist (ACC# N125)

The Duke Puzzles (ACC# N125) set is a 15 card, numbered set. Each card shows a puzzle that can be solved by the reader. The backs of each card provide more details and the answer to one of the other puzzle cards in the set.

These were found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

This is a tough set to find and I haven’t been able to track down the specifics on all 15 cards, but here is what I know at the moment.

Puzzles (15)

  1. Problem No. 1 (Word jumble)
  2. Problem No. 2 (Word jumble)
  3. Problem No. 3 (Button)
  4. Problem No. 4 (Six sided star)
  5. Poet Problem
  6. Ribbon
  7. – TBD –
  8. Cryptogram
  9. The Eight or Ten
  10. Overlap
  11. Public Man
  12. – TBD –
  13. Domino Trick
  14. – TBD –
  15. Base Ball

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