Duke Presidential Possibilities Checklist (ACC# N124)

The Duke Presidential Possibilities (ACC# N124) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set that shows pictures of people thought to be contenders for President in 1888. In fact, this is one of the most interesting presidential elections the U.S. has ever had where the incumbent Grover Cleveland lost to Benjamin Harrison despite winning the popular vote (this has only happened four times).

This set was issued around 1888 and was found packed with the Honest Long Cut brand.

Presidential Possibilities (25)

  1. Russell A. Alger (Michigan)
  2. James G. Blaine (Maine)
  3. Benjamin F. Butler (Massachusetts)
  4. James E. Campbell (Ohio)
  5. John G. Carlisle (Kentucky)
  6. Grover Cleveland (New York)
  7. Chauncey M. Depew (New York)
  8. Ignatius Donnelly (Minnesota)
  9. Roswell P. Flower (New York)
  10. Joseph B. Foraker (Ohio)
  11. Melville W. Fuller (Illinois)
  12. Arthur P. Gorman (Maryland)
  13. Issac P. Gray (Indiana)
  14. Walter Q. Gresham (Illinois)
  15. Benjamin Harrison (Indiana)
  16. Joseph R. Hawley (Connecticut)
  17. David B. Hill (New York)
  18. Robert T. Lincoln (Illinois)
  19. William McKinley Jr. (Ohio)
  20. John M. Palmer (Illinois)
  21. Robert E. Pattison (Pennsylvania)
  22. William A. Peffer (Kansas)
  23. Jeremiah Mcl. Rusk (Wisconsin)
  24. John Sherman (Ohio)
  25. William C. Whitney (New York)

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