Gail & Ax Novelties Checklist (ACC# N122)

The Gail & Ax Novelties (ACC# N122) set consists of 25 unnumbered cards. This is a die-cut set that shows pictures of women on various objects or “novelties”. The cards are die-cut in various shapes such as mirrors, fans, etc… The backs of each card just show the Gail & Ax logo, no checklist.

The ACC lists this set as also being distributed by Duke, but no cards with a Duke branded back have been seen.

This set was issued around 1889 and was found packed with the Navy Long Cut brand.

Novelties (25)

  1. Cluster Of Leaves
  2. Cup Of Violets
  3. Feather Fan
  4. Folded Paper
  5. Folded Screen
  6. Front Of Book
  7. Hand Mirror – Pearl Frame
  8. Hand Mirror – Dark, Fancy Frame
  9. Hand Mirror – Facing Right, With Hat
  10. Hand Mirror – Facing Right, No Hat
  11. Hand Mirror – Facing Front
  12. Hand Mirror – Facing Left, With Hat
  13. Hand Mirror – Facing Left, With Head Dress
  14. Open Fan
  15. Pad And Pencil
  16. Picture Frame With Yellow Edge
  17. Pin Cushion
  18. Playing Cards
  19. Sea Shell
  20. Stamp On Envelope
  21. Tambourine
  22. Tennis Racket
  23. Wicker Box
  24. Whisk Broom
  25. Wings Of A Bird

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