Duke Miniature Novelties Checklist (ACC# N120)

The Duke Miniature Novelties (ACC# N120) set is a 26 card, unnumbered set. The common back on these cards states there are 25 cards in the set, but actually 26 have been documented. The card fronts show two images of various “novelties” generally with an image of a woman in one of them. This set was released after the American Tobacco merger and the cards were found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

The checklist below is shown in alphabetical order listed by the image on the left first, “Oval” is generally an image of a woman contained in an oval or circle.

Miniature Novelties(26)

  1. Acorn and Oval
  2. Balloon and Plaque
  3. Bellows and Oval
  4. Butterfly and Violin
  5. Castanets and Whiskbroom
  6. Drum and Baseball
  7. Ear of Corn and Creel
  8. Easel and Oval
  9. Green Leaf and Oval
  10. Glass of Beer and Four Leaf Clover
  11. Hand Mirror and Ring
  12. Horseshoe and Oval
  13. Ice Bucket and Oval
  14. Jester and Fire Screen
  15. Kite and Banjo
  16. Lantern and Oval
  17. Leather Box and Oval
  18. Peach and Oval
  19. Plate and Currants
  20. Quiver and Banjo
  21. Seashell and Oval
  22. Serving Tray and Bow and Arrow
  23. Tea Pot and Oval
  24. Top Hat and Oval
  25. Turtle and Oval
  26. Watch and Oval

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