Duke/Gail & Ax Lighthouses Checklist (ACC# N119)

The Lighthouses (ACC# N119) set is a popular 25 card, unnumbered die-cut set. This set was distributed by both Duke (in the Honest Long Cut brand) and Gail & Ax (in the Navy Long Cut brand). Because these cards are die-cut, it is difficult to collect in good condition.

Lighthouses (25)

  1. A Bell Buoy
  2. A Whistling Buoy
  3. Atlantic City, N.J.
  4. Bartlett Reef Light Vessel
  5. Blackwells Island
  6. Block Island, R.I.
  7. Boon Island
  8. Boston
  9. Brenton Reef Light Vessel
  10. Cape Cod (Highlands)
  11. Eddystone, English Channel
  12. Execution Rocks
  13. Fire Island
  14. Minot’s Ledge
  15. New London Harbor
  16. Owl Head
  17. Penfield Reef
  18. Point Judith
  19. Race Rock
  20. Sandy Hook
  21. Sanibel Island, Fla.
  22. Stepping Stones
  23. Stratford Shoal
  24. Twin Lights, Navesink Highlands, N.J.
  25. Vineyard Sound

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