Honest Library, Navy Library, and Cheroots Library Checklist (ACC# N115)

The N115 set is a series of 25 16-page booklets that was issued in 1896. The series as a whole is known as the “Library booklets” Three companies distributed this series:

  • Duke, Honest Long Cut brand (Honest Library)
  • Gail & Ax, Navy Long Cut brand (Navy Library)
  • and Whitlock, Old Virginia Cheroots brand (Cheroots Library)

Library Booklets (25)

  1. Birthday Book
  2. Book of Choice Sentiments
  3. Book of Fancy Work
  4. Book of Funny Stories
  5. Book of Palmistry
  6. Book of Popular Supersitions
  7. Book of Riddles
  8. Cipher Message
  9. The Closed Cabinet
  10. Dream Book
  11. Fancy Costumes
  12. Favorite Recitations
  13. Good Form
  14. Handy Letter Writer
  15. How To Amuse An Evening Party
  16. How To Be Beautiful
  17. Kisses
  18. Miss Berkley’s Beau
  19. The Mysterious Murder
  20. A Perilous Wooing
  21. The Rajah’s Diamond
  22. The Tell Tale Bracelet
  23. Twenty Ways of Cooking Potatoes
  24. The Two Highwaymen
  25. What To Wear

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