Duke Habitations Of Man Checklist (ACC# N113)

The Duke Habitations Of Man (ACC# N113) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set issued around 1890. This set shows images of the types of places people lived in around that time. The backs of the card have an unordered checklist.

This set was found in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Habitations Of Man (25)

  1. American Cottage Home
  2. American Farm House
  3. Arab House
  4. Archaic Bee-Hive Huts
  5. Assyrian House
  6. Brazilian Residence
  7. Chinese House
  8. English Castle
  9. Hindoo House
  10. House in Alaska
  11. House in Calcutta
  12. House in Italy
  13. House in the Black Sea
  14. Hut in Daman-I-Koh
  15. Indian Wigwams
  16. Japanese House
  17. Laplanders House
  18. Mormon Residence
  19. Palmetto House
  20. Samoan Homestead
  21. Southern Negro Cabin
  22. Spanish House
  23. Squatter’s Shanty, NY City
  24. Tenement House, NY City
  25. Western Dugout

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