French Novelties Checklist (ACC# N110)

The French Novelties (ACC# N110) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set issued around 1892. This set was issued by Duke, Gail & Ax and Kimball. The set is fairly simple and shows a woman with some sort of french novelty item. There’s no checklist on the back, the checklist here is just based on what is pictured on the front of each card.

These cards were found in various brands, detailed below:

Duke: Honest Long Cut, Fair Play
Gail & Ax: Navy Long Cut
Kimball: Old Gold

French Novelties (25)

  1. Basket of Cherries
  2. Basket of Flowers
  3. Basket of Fruit
  4. Binoculars
  5. Canary cage
  6. Fan – Blue
  7. Fan – Green
  8. Fan – Pink, right hand holding skirt
  9. Fan – Red
  10. Fan – Yellow
  11. Flowers, girl in swing
  12. Fencing Rapier, left hand on blade
  13. Fencing Rapier, held in right hand
  14. Mandolin in left hand
  15. Mandolin on shoulder
  16. Mandolin, strumming
  17. Parasol, open above head
  18. Parasol, closed under arm
  19. Parasol, girl seated
  20. Pink Ribbon from hat in hand
  21. Robin
  22. Serving tray with wine
  23. Shepherd’s crook in right hand
  24. Shepherd’s crook in both hands
  25. Tambourine

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