Duke Fishes And Fishing Checklist (ACC# N108)

The Duke Fishes And Fishing (ACC# N108) set is a 25 card, unnumbered set issued around 1888. These cards are in a larger format (2 1/2 x 4 3/16 inches) and show two images from the N74 set with a fishing related background.

These cards have a generic back showing a fishing rod and the set name along with the Honest Long Cut brand name (this set was found in Honest Long Cut packs).

Fishes And Fishing (25)

  1. Black Bass/Ray Fish or Skate
  2. Blue Fish/Sturgeon
  3. Bonito/Loach
  4. California Salmon/Lamprey Eel
  5. Carp/Wolf Fish
  6. Grayling/Golden Carp
  7. Herring/Gurnard
  8. King Fish/Remora
  9. Lake Trout/John Dory Fish
  10. Lamprey Eel/Blennies
  11. Mackerel/Shooting Fish
  12. Mullet/Barbed Loach
  13. Muskallonge/Porcupine Fish
  14. Pickerel/Mullet
  15. Pompano/Flying Fish
  16. Red Fish/Sculpin
  17. Red Snapper/Trunk Fish
  18. Salmon/Cat Fish
  19. Sea Bass/Sea Horse
  20. Sheepshead/Gold Fish
  21. Spanish Mackerel/Gar Fish
  22. Speckled Trout/Pipe Fish
  23. Striped Bass/Globe Fish
  24. Weak Fish/Klipp Fish
  25. Yellow Perch/Burbot

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