1960 Mayrose Cardinals Checklist (Football)

Taking a break from the old tobacco cards, here’s a small regional set for the Cardinals issued in 1960. This is a numbered set and the cards have clipped corners (on purpose) giving them a shape like playing cards. These cards were distributed around St. Louis in packages of Mayrose Franks or Mayrose Bacon. From what I can find 1960 is the only year Mayrose cards were produced, 1960 being the first year the Cardinals played in St. Louis.

The fronts of each card have the player pictured in front of a red background with bio information. The backs are generic and have information about a contest where you could redeem the cards for prizes (the cards were apparently supposed to be returned with the prize).

1960 Mayrose Cardinals (11)

  1. Don Gillis
  2. Frank Fuller
  3. George Izo
  4. Woodley Lewis
  5. King Hill
  6. John David Crow
  7. Bill Stacy
  8. Ted Bates
  9. Mike McGee
  10. Bobby Joe Conrad
  11. Ken Panfil

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