Duke Fairest Flowers In The World Checklist (ACC# N106)

The Duke Fairest Flowers In The World (ACC# N106) set is a 50 card set issued around 1888. The cards pair a famous actress of the day with a flower surrounded by a floral design on the fronts. There are seven different border designs in this set. The backs have an unnumbered, non-alphabetical checklist. These cards were found packaged in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Fairest Flowers In The World (50)

  1. Apple Blossom/Louise Paulin
  2. Auricula/Belle Archer
  3. Buttercups/Mollie Fuller
  4. Carnation/Annie Robe
  5. Catchfly Flower/Miss Willetts
  6. China Pink/Effie Shannon
  7. Clustered Bell/Georgia Cayvan
  8. Cowslip/Jennie McNulty
  9. Cudweed/Muss Spear
  10. Dahlias/Mme. Cottrelly
  11. Daisy/Maud Branscombe
  12. Dandelions/Rita Hart
  13. Dragon Lily/Miss Engel
  14. Edelweiss/Sadie Martinot
  15. Forget-Me-Not/Miss Lewis
  16. Fuchsia/Grace Henderson
  17. Gentian/Lillian Russell
  18. Golden Ragwort/Geraldine Ulmer
  19. Grass Pinks/Leila Farrell
  20. Hepatique/Josie Hall
  21. Hyragranda/Isabell Evesson
  22. Jonquils/Miss Ilga
  23. Lady Washington Flower/Helen Standish
  24. Lilacs/Fannie Rice
  25. Lychnis Aplina/Nettie Guyon
  26. Mistletoe/Eveleen Rayne
  27. Morning Glory/Ruth Stetson
  28. Nasturtium/Jennie Satterlee
  29. Pansies/Isabelle Urquhart
  30. Pink Geranium/Nannie Carter
  31. Poppies/Mrs. J.B. Potter
  32. Primrose/Mrs. Langtry
  33. Purple Daisy/Ada Rehan
  34. Raspberry Blossoms/Kate Uart
  35. Red Cactus/Fay Templeton
  36. Rhododendron/May Fortescue
  37. Rose/Laura Burt
  38. Single Pinks/Adelaide Emerson
  39. Sweet Fern/Miss Dutailley
  40. Tube Rose/Theresa Vaughn
  41. Tulip/Hattie Delaro
  42. Violet Asters/Isabelle Irving
  43. Violets/Mrs. Edith Kingdon-Gould
  44. Wild Field Carnation/Cora Tanner
  45. Wild Rose/Estelle Clayton
  46. Wild Verbena/Agnes Miller
  47. Witch Hazel/Lillian Grubb
  48. Yellow Bachelor’s Button/Miss Billie Barlow
  49. Yellow Cactus/Pauline Hall
  50. Yellow Wind Flower/May Newmann

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