Duke Cowboy Scenes Checklist (ACC# N105)

The Duke Cowboy Scenes (ACC# N105) set shows western scenes revolving around cowboys. This is a popular 25 card set that was issued around 1888. The cards are unnumbered but the back of each card has a description of the specific scene shown on the front, along with a checklist. These cards were found packaged in the Honest Long Cut brand.

Cowboy Scenes (25)

  1. At Close Quarters With A Grizzly
  2. At The Agency
  3. Attacking The Mail Coach
  4. Branding A Steer
  5. Buck Jumpers
  6. The Dug Out Putting Up For The Night
  7. Fighting A Prairie Fire
  8. A Hard Trail
  9. A Hot Pursuit
  10. Lassoing A Steer
  11. Left Alone
  12. Lost In A Blizzard
  13. A Noonday Meal
  14. Outnumbered
  15. Painting The Town Red
  16. Piloting A Pack
  17. The Ranche
  18. Return From A Hunt
  19. Returning To The Ranche
  20. The Round Up
  21. Saddling Up
  22. Scouting Duty
  23. A Scrimmage With The Indians
  24. Standing Off Indians
  25. Wild Mustangs

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