Duke Comic Characters Checklist (ACC# N104)

The Duke Comic Characters (ACC# N104) set is another 25 card unnumbered set that shows people in funny (I guess) situations. The set is actually untitled, but the backs of the card show the checklist and each front has a caption. This series was released around 1888 and was found in Honest Long Cut brand tobacco.

Comic Characters (25)

  1. Boss Of The Ward
  2. But You Ought to See The Other Feller!
  3. Cullie
  4. Drunk Again An Glad Of It
  5. Get On To His Nobs
  6. Gussie
  7. He’s Bin There Before
  8. In The Soup
  9. Jay
  10. Jim Dandy
  11. Jolly Cop
  12. Lah Lah
  13. No Flies On Him
  14. Off His Base
  15. Oh What A Night
  16. Old Hoss
  17. On The Dead Quiet
  18. On The Q.T.
  19. On The Rialto
  20. Put Up Or Shut Up
  21. Rats
  22. Ripper
  23. True Stripe
  24. What Er I Givin Us
  25. You Know

One thought on “Duke Comic Characters Checklist (ACC# N104)”

  1. Is True Stripe horse racing or baseball? It seems more likely horse racing but i5t could be baseball.
    Duke Comic Characters Checklist (ACC# N104)

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