Duke Burlesque Scenes Checklist (ACC# N103)

The Duke Burlesque Scenes (ACC# N103) set is another 25 card unnumbered set that shows various risque (for the time) poses of women. This series was released around 1888 and was found in Honest Long Cut smoking and chewing tobacco.

Burlesque Scenes (25)

  1. Borrowed Fire
  2. By Your Leave
  3. Contortion Act
  4. A Double Solace
  5. For Luck
  6. Girl A La Directoire
  7. Going On
  8. Good Evening Papa
  9. Have A Cigarette
  10. Help Yourself
  11. In Mid Air
  12. In The Dressing Room
  13. Leisure Moment
  14. A Little Tight
  15. Maternal Cares
  16. Moment Of Success
  17. A New Step
  18. Now Keep Sober Chappie
  19. On A String
  20. A Peep At The House
  21. A Puff On The Sly
  22. Repose
  23. The Stage Is Waiting
  24. A Stroll In The Conservatory
  25. Two Of A Kind

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