Duke Breeds Of Horses Checklist (ACC# N101)

The Duke Breeds Of Horses (ACC# N101) set shows various horse breeds mostly standing still, but some with riders. This is a 25 card unnumbered set that was produced around 1892.

These cards were found in Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand.

Breeds Of Horses (25)

  1. American Carriage Horse
  2. American Saddle Horse
  3. Arab
  4. Barb of Morocco
  5. Canadian
  6. Cleveland Horse
  7. Clydesdale
  8. Cossack
  9. Dongola
  10. East Indian
  11. Egyptian Donkey
  12. English Hunter
  13. Indian Pony
  14. Marengo (Arabian)
  15. Mexican Horse
  16. Norman
  17. Percheron
  18. Shetland Pony
  19. Spanish Horse
  20. Steeple Chase
  21. Tarpan of Russia
  22. Tartan
  23. Thoroughbred
  24. Villous of Asia
  25. Zebra

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