Duke and Gail & Ax Battle Scenes Checklist (ACC# N99)

The Duke Battle Scenes (ACC# N99) set is a great set and a favorite of Civil War buffs. This is a 25 card set showing various battle scenes from the US Civil War. Each card shows a particular scene and the back has a description of the event along with a checklist. The checklist printed on the backs is short one card – the Stonewall Jackson (#24 on this checklist). This series was produced around 1887.

These cards are found in both Duke’s Honest Long Cut brand and Gail & Ax’s Navy Long Cut brand. The back of each card will have an ad for one or the other. The Gail & Ax version is harder to find than the Duke issue.

Update: Added an image for the Gail & Ax version.

Battle Scenes (25)

  1. The Assault On Fort Donelson
  2. The Attack On Federal Camp Shiloh
  3. Battle Of Fredericksburgh
  4. The Black Horse Cavalry At Bull Run
  5. Bombardment Of Fort Sumter
  6. Farragut At Battle Of Mobile Bay
  7. Farragut Passing The Forts
  8. The Federal Advance At Bull Run
  9. Foote Supporting Assault On Fort Donelson
  10. Grant At Missionary Ridge
  11. Grant’s Interview With Pemberton, Vicksburg
  12. Heroism Of Col. Rogers, Corinth
  13. J.E.B. Stuart Saving His Guns, Cathetts Station
  14. Lee At Malvern Hill
  15. McClellan At Battle Of Antietam
  16. Merrimac Destroying The Frigate Congress
  17. Merrimac Ramming The Cumberland
  18. Montior And Merrimac
  19. Morgan’s Great Raid
  20. Pickett’s Charge, Gettysburg
  21. Ram Albemarle
  22. Sheridan’s Ride
  23. Sherman At Atlanta
  24. Stonewall Jackson At Chancellorsville
  25. Thomas Reinforced By Granger At Chickamauga

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