Duke Actors and Actresses Checklist (ACC# N94)

The N94 Actors and Actresses set is a large format (2 7/16 x 4 5/16 inches) unnumbered 30 card issue.

Each card shows three images of different actors or actresses from the N70 and N71 sets. These cards came in packages of the Honest Long Cut brand cigarettes. The back of the cards has a listing of the 90 actors shown on the cards in total.

Actors And Actresses, Large Format (30)

  1. Anderson, Salvini, Bernhardt
  2. Archer, Goodwin, Russell
  3. Barrymore, Claxton, Hopper
  4. Chester, Everson, Hall
  5. Coghlan, Wallack, Burroughs
  6. Conway, Tearle, Cayvan
  7. Davenport, Booth, Morris
  8. Ellsler, Raymond, Wainwright
  9. Fortescue, Mansfield, Summerville
  10. Fuller, Ulmer, Folsom
  11. Grubb, Jefferson, Theo
  12. Hading, Clayton, Hood
  13. Irwin, Dixey, Templeton
  14. Jansen, Daboll, Urquhart
  15. Jordon, Smith, Potter
  16. Mantel, Dillion, Miller
  17. Martinot, Boucicault, Langtry
  18. Miller, Kelsey, Burt
  19. Modjeska, Barrett, Mather
  20. Palmer, Emmet, Lotta
  21. Pixley, Thompson, Dauvrey
  22. Prescott, Florence, Verona
  23. Rankin, Rankin, Cottrelly
  24. Rehan, Drew, Dreher
  25. Rhea, Paullin, Tanner
  26. Robe, Irving, Sutit
  27. Robson, Fetter, Crane
  28. Terry, Irving, Janauscheck
  29. Thorpe, Plympton, Barlow
  30. Wilson, Hall, James

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