Duke Vehicles Of The World Checklist (ACC# N90)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Vehicles Of the World set (ACC# N90). This is a 50 card, unnumbered set issued around 1888. This set shows various animal-drawn vehicles of the time.

This set was also used by Goodwin Tobacco with their Old Judge and Dog’s Head brands (the Goodwin issue is generally more valuable). The Duke issue was included with the Duke’s Cigarettes brand.

The back of each card has a description of the specific vehicle shown on the front.

Vehicles Of The World (50)

  1. Annamite Hand Carriage
  2. Aragonian Team
  3. Buckboard
  4. Calesa, Yucatan
  5. Calicut Cab
  6. Camel Carriage, Egypt
  7. Camel Palanquin
  8. A Carreta
  9. Central American Team
  10. Coupe
  11. Dog Cart
  12. Dog-Card, Holland
  13. Elephant Carriage, India
  14. Esquimaux Dog-Team
  15. Fifth Ave. Stage
  16. Goat Carriage
  17. Half-Breeds Cart
  18. Hansom
  19. Indian Drag
  20. Irish Jaunting Cart
  21. Italian Cart
  22. Kirghis, Camel Team
  23. Landau
  24. Laplander’s Sleigh
  25. A Mandarin Carriage
  26. Mexican Cart
  27. Omnibus – Moscow
  28. One-Horse Chaise
  29. A Palanquin
  30. Passenger Barrow, China
  31. Post-Wagon, India
  32. Pottery Wagon, Spain
  33. Prairie Wagon
  34. A Sienese Chariot
  35. Spanish Diligence
  36. Spanish State Coach
  37. Stage Coach
  38. Stone-Cart, Egypt
  39. Sulky
  40. A Tachtravan, Persia
  41. Tandem
  42. Telega – Russia
  43. Tonga India
  44. Tourist Car, England
  45. Troika – Russia
  46. A Trolley, Yarmouth England
  47. Valencia Cab
  48. Venezuela Coach
  49. Victoria
  50. Zebu Draschke – India

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