Duke Shadows Checklist (ACC# N87)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Shadows set (ACC# 87). This is an unnumbered 50 card set issued around 1889. These were found in packs of Duke’s Cigarettes.

This set shows a character with a shadow that pictures another form – an old lady throws a shadow of an old hen for instance.

Shadows (50)

  1. Alligator
  2. Arabian Camel
  3. The Bear
  4. Black Fish
  5. A Black Sheep
  6. The Bull
  7. The Canada Goose
  8. A Cat Nap
  9. Coon
  10. The Crow
  11. The Dodo
  12. The Duck
  13. Elephant
  14. The Frog
  15. Gorilla
  16. Grandma
  17. Guardian of the Peace
  18. He Couldn’t Help It
  19. The Hyena
  20. Jay
  21. The Kid
  22. Lady and Horse
  23. The Monkey
  24. The Mouse
  25. The Mule
  26. An Old Fox
  27. An Old Hen
  28. Old Rooster
  29. One of the Boys
  30. Our Friend Jack
  31. The Owl
  32. Pat
  33. Pigeon
  34. Pretty Poll
  35. Quack Doctor
  36. Rabbit
  37. The Ram
  38. The Rat
  39. A Regular Pig
  40. Rhinoceros
  41. A Sheep
  42. A Striking Goat
  43. A Strong Lion
  44. The Tiger
  45. A Turkey
  46. The Vulture
  47. The Wolf
  48. Yelping Whelp
  49. A Young Calf
  50. A Young Deer

One thought on “Duke Shadows Checklist (ACC# N87)”

  1. Hello, I have 3 Duke’s sepia cigarettes cards of actresses I presume … miss capet as lady godiva + 2 which have been trimmed so no title is visible – Is there a web page where I might find the missing information? Regards, Chris

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