Duke Scenes Of Perilous Occupations Checklist (ACC# N86)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Scenes Of Perilous Occupations set (ACC# 86). This is an unnumbered 50 card set issued around 1888.

Each card shows a scene of a person engaged in a “perilous” occupation, although some of the scenes are just more dangerous situations vs. occupations. The fronts can be either vertically or horizontally oriented and the caption is at the bottom.

The back of each card features a description of the featured occupation with an ad for “Duke’s Cigarettes” at the bottom.

Scenes Of Perilous Occupations (50)

  1. Arab Attacked By A Lion
  2. The Arctic Explorer
  3. A Bad Decision By The Umpire
  4. The Balloon Ascent
  5. Blasting Rock
  6. Bridge Jumping
  7. Bull Fighting In Spain
  8. Chamois Hunting
  9. The Circus Rider
  10. Cowboy Fleeing Fire
  11. The Diver
  12. Electric Lineman
  13. Elephant Hunting
  14. Exploring In Africa
  15. The Fireman
  16. Fisherman In Newfoundland
  17. Fox Hunting
  18. Hanging Over Cliffs
  19. Highwayman
  20. Horse Training
  21. Hunting The Rocky Mountain Goat
  22. Indian Netting Salmon
  23. The Indian Scout
  24. Indians Spearing Porpoises
  25. Knife Throwing In Circus
  26. The Lifer Savers
  27. The Lion Tamers
  28. Lumberman In Michigan
  29. Lumberman In Norway
  30. Miners Descending A Shaft
  31. Monk And Dog
  32. On A Whaling Voyage
  33. On Board A Battleship
  34. Painters At Work
  35. Picket Duty
  36. The Picket’s Death
  37. A Quiet Game Of Poker
  38. Rafting Logs
  39. Safe Robber
  40. Sliding Down A Rope
  41. Snake Charmer In India
  42. Stopping A Stampede
  43. Surveying In The Mountains
  44. Tight Rope Walking Across Niagara
  45. A Tough Beat For Any Policeman
  46. Trapper Fighting A Grizzly Bear
  47. Traveling In Siberia
  48. Trick Shooting
  49. Walrus Hunting In Greenland
  50. Yardman Coupling Cars

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