Duke Postage Stamps Checklist (ACC# N85)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Postage Stamps set (ACC# 85). This is a unnumbered 50 card set issued around 1889 that has actual postage stamps from around the world attached to the fronts. The addition of the stamps makes this a popular set with both card and stamp collectors.

Each card comes with many different stamps and the stamp doesn’t have any relation to the subject matter of the card. The total number of variations taking the stamps into account is unknown but extremely large (probably in the thousands).

The cards come with both vertical and hortizontal layouts. The backs have two variations with either the saying “A Genuine Foreign Postage Stamp” or “A Foreign Postage Stamp”. An additional variation on the back is that the name of the lithographer (Schumacher & Ettlinger) may either be printed at the very bottom or not.

Postage Stamps (50)

  1. Burning Old Letters
  2. By The Way
  3. Chinese Letter Writer
  4. Country Post Office
  5. Dear Sir
  6. English Country Mail
  7. Fast Mail
  8. First Letter
  9. First Letter Carrier
  10. French Letter Carrier
  11. Give Us That Card, Mister!
  12. Good News At Last!
  13. Good Reference
  14. Got Any Duke’s Stamp Cards?
  15. He Has Not Forgot It
  16. Hook Her Off!
  17. I’ll Be There!
  18. I’m Writing This On The Train
  19. Irish Channel Mail
  20. Italian Mail
  21. Just In Time!
  22. Last Round
  23. Letters For The Front
  24. Loading Mail, N.Y. Post Office
  25. Mail Aboard Ship
  26. Mail Car Interior
  27. Mail In Winter
  28. Mexican Mail
  29. Miscarried Valentine
  30. N.Y. City Mail
  31. N.Y. Post Office
  32. Ocean Mail
  33. One For You Too!
  34. Overland Mail
  35. Pigeon Mail
  36. Plantation Mail
  37. Pony Express
  38. Postmaster Gen’l Wannamaker
  39. Russian Mail
  40. Sad News
  41. Ship Of The Desert
  42. Sir Rowland Hill
  43. Sorting Mail
  44. Spanish Letter Carrier
  45. Ten Cent Special
  46. Unloading Mail Cars
  47. Who’s That From?
  48. Will Get There Quickest!
  49. Ye Olden Time
  50. Zulu Mail

One thought on “Duke Postage Stamps Checklist (ACC# N85)”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Just came across 10 of these cards and had no idea what they were if not for your sharing the info.

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