Duke Ocean And River Steamers Checklist (ACC# N83)

Here’s the checklist for Duke’s Ocean And River Steamers set (ACC# N83). This set was issued around 1887 and shows women with a ship representing a shipping line.

This 36 card set is one of the more elaborate designs, the front of each card shows an image of a woman, a named ship and the shipping line that owned it. The cards are unnumbered and there is a checklist for the set on the back.

Ocean And River Steamers (36)

  1. Albany Day Line
  2. Allan Line
  3. Anchor Line
  4. Atlas S.S. Co.
  5. Bordeaux Line
  6. Canadian Pacific Line
  7. Cunard Line
  8. Fabre Line
  9. Fall River Line
  10. French Line
  11. Guion Line
  12. Hamburg American Packet Co.
  13. Inman Line
  14. Iron Steamboat Co.
  15. Leyland Line
  16. Mallory Line
  17. National Line
  18. Navigatizione Generale Italiana
  19. North German Lloyd S.S. Co.
  20. Norwich Line
  21. Occidental and Oriental Line
  22. Ocean S.S. Co.
  23. Pacific Mail S.S. Co.
  24. Providence Line
  25. Quebec Steamship Co.
  26. Red D Line
  27. Red Star Line
  28. State Line
  29. Stonington Line
  30. Thingvalla Line
  31. Transatlantic Espanola
  32. U.S. & Brazil Mail S.S. Co.
  33. War Line
  34. Warren Line
  35. White Star Line
  36. Wilson Line

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