Duke Gymnastic Exercises Checklist (ACC# N77)

Here’s the checklist for the Duke Gymnastic Exercises set (ACC# N77).

This set was issued around 1887 and shows women doing various exercises. These were found in packs of Duke’s Cigarettes. The Duke ad on the front of the card can be found printed in blue or brown. The set is made up of 25 cards.

Gymnastic Exercises (25)

  1. Backward Knee Swing
  2. Back Wheel
  3. Double Arm Swing
  4. Dumb Bells
  5. Fencing
  6. Flying Rings, Swinging Exercise
  7. Flying Trapeze, Leg Fly
  8. The Foot Hang
  9. Forward Wheel Swing
  10. Giant Swing
  11. Hanging By Toes
  12. Indian Clubs
  13. Leg Swing
  14. Outside Hand Vault
  15. Parallel Bar, Handspring
  16. Parallel Bar, Vaulting
  17. Parallel Bar, Walking
  18. Roll Over
  19. Rope Climbing
  20. Rope Walking
  21. Saddle Vaulting
  22. Slanting Ladder
  23. Slow Pull Up
  24. Swing and Snap Up
  25. Trapeze, Flying Jump

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