Allen & Ginter World’s Sovereigns Checklist (ACC# N34)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter World’s Sovereigns set (ACC# N34). This set was issued around 1889 and is one of the most ornate Allen & Ginter designs. These cards are not numbered. There’s 50 cards total in this set.

World’s Sovereigns (50)

  1. President of the Argentine Republic
  2. Emperor of Austria
  3. Empress of Austria
  4. King of Bavaria
  5. King of Belgium
  6. Queen of Belgium
  7. Emperor of Brazil
  8. Empress of Brazil
  9. Governor General of Canada
  10. President of Chili
  11. President of Republic of Colombia
  12. President of Costa Rica
  13. King of Denmark
  14. Queen of Denmark
  15. Queen of England
  16. President of France
  17. Emperor of Germany
  18. Empress of Germany
  19. King of Greece
  20. Queen of Greece
  21. King of Holland
  22. Queen of Holland
  23. President of Honduras
  24. Governor General of India
  25. King of Italy
  26. Queen of Italy
  27. Mikado of Japan
  28. Empress of Japan
  29. President of Mexico
  30. King of Montenegro
  31. Sultan of Morocco
  32. Shah of Persia
  33. King of Portugal
  34. Queen of Portugal
  35. King of Roumania
  36. Czar of Russia
  37. Czarina of Russia
  38. King of the Sandwich Islands
  39. King of Saxony
  40. King of Servia
  41. King of Siam
  42. King of Spain
  43. Queen Regent of Spain
  44. King of Sweden
  45. Queen of Sweden
  46. President of Switzerland
  47. Sultan of Turkey
  48. President of the United States
  49. President of Uruguay
  50. President of Venezuela

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