Allen & Ginter The World’s Beauties (1st Series) Checklist (ACC# N26 and Album A14)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter The World’s Beauties – 1st series set (ACC# N26). Although this is the first of two series for “The World’s Beauties”, the cards themselves do not have the text “1st series” actually printed on the cards. An album (A14) and a banner (G18) were also produced with the same subjects. There’s 50 cards total in this set.





The World’s Beauties – 1st Series (50)

  1. Albani
  2. Miss Mary Anderson
  3. Belle Archer
  4. Miss Billie Barlow
  5. Kate Bartiett
  6. Lilia Blow
  7. Marie Borroughs
  8. Miss Maud Branscombe
  9. Emma Carson
  10. Leslie Chester
  11. Estelle Clayton
  12. Mrs. President Cleveland
  13. Rose Coghlan
  14. Ethel Corlette
  15. The Countess of Dalhousie
  16. Dauvrey
  17. Miss Fanny Davenport
  18. Jessie Bartlett Davis
  19. Egyptian Beauty
  20. Princess Eulalia of Spain
  21. Miss Fortesque
  22. Mollie Fuller
  23. Mrs. George Gould
  24. Maud Granger
  25. Paulina Hall
  26. Miss Agnes Huntington
  27. Marie Jensen
  28. Marchioness of Kildara
  29. Pauline L’Allemand
  30. Mrs. Langtry
  31. Lotta
  32. Margaret Mather
  33. Louise Montague The $10,000 Beauty
  34. Emma Nevada
  35. Nillson
  36. Minnie Palmer
  37. Adelina Patti
  38. Louise Paullin
  39. Mrs. James Brown Potter
  40. Ada Rehan
  41. Miss Fannie Rice
  42. Annie Robe
  43. Lillian Russell
  44. Miss Ethel Selwyn
  45. Helen Standish
  46. Miss Ellen Terry
  47. Theo
  48. Donna Valliard
  49. The Vienna Beauty
  50. The Princess of Wales

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