Allen & Ginter Song Birds Of The World Checklist (ACC# N23, Large Format N42 and Album A13)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter Song Birds Of The World set (ACC# N23 and N42). This set was distributed around 1890. This set was issued in both the regular size (N23) and large format (N42) as well as in an album (A13). These cards are not numbered. There’s 50 cards total in this set.




Song Birds Of The World (50)

  1. Abyssinian Roller
  2. Amandava
  3. Araguira
  4. Audubons Warbler
  5. Azuvert
  6. Bell Bird
  7. Bengali
  8. Black Breasted Barbet
  9. Blue Bullfinch
  10. Brazilian Tanager
  11. Brown Thrasher
  12. Canary Bird
  13. Chinese Bulbul
  14. Crested Malimbus
  15. Crested Sparacles
  16. Emeu Wren
  17. Golden Oriole
  18. Hula
  19. Indigo Bird
  20. Java Grosbeak
  21. Kinglet
  22. Linnet
  23. Madagascar Grosbeak
  24. Mariposa
  25. Maryland Yellow-Throat
  26. Mino Bird
  27. Nightingale
  28. Orchard Oriole
  29. Painted Bunting
  30. Parrot Finch
  31. Pastor
  32. Persian Starling
  33. Pine Grosbeak
  34. Piping Crow Shirke
  35. Pompadour
  36. Purple-Breasted Chatterer
  37. Red-Headed Bunting
  38. Rose-Breasted Gorsbeak
  39. Rose-Breasted Wood Robin
  40. Saddle-back
  41. Scarlet Finch
  42. Sepoy Finch
  43. Shaft-Tailed Bunting
  44. Singing Honey-Eater
  45. Stich Bird
  46. Swallow Dicaeum
  47. Thrush
  48. Troupial
  49. Whistling Thrush
  50. Yellow-Head

5 thoughts on “Allen & Ginter Song Birds Of The World Checklist (ACC# N23, Large Format N42 and Album A13)”

  1. I am interested in finding out the value of my Allen & Ginter “Song Birds of the World”
    It has a set of 10. I am looking to sell the set and would like to know what I might ask for it..
    I can send pictures if need be
    The condition of this set is good considering its age.

    1. As far as the value of your cards, that will totally depend on condition of both the fronts and backs. You can check eBay for some current sales but roughly those cards will go for $2-10 dollars each – as you can see the condition will dramatically affect value. I’m also assuming you have the regular size cards (ACC #N23) versus the large format edition.

      1. The set is in book format-tied with a twine-like string. Inside it has 10 – 6×8.5″ cards. Each card quotes a famous poet, and features 4-5 birds. The inside of both the front and back cover advertise Allen & Ginter cigarettes. I’m looking to put it on ebay-just not sure what to start for a price as the book is yellowed and there is a small tear out of the back cover.
        Thanks for your help.

      2. Ah, you have the album then which is quite a bit rarer then the individual cards. I couldn’t find any recent prices but one sold a few years back for $165 and it was not in very good condition. I would suggest listing it with some good pictures and a fairly low opening price then see what happens, you can always put a reserve on the auction for the minimum you want to get for it.

        Good luck!

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