Allen & Ginter Racing Colors Of The World Checklist (ACC# N22)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter Racing Colors Of The World set (ACC# N20). This set shows jockeys and their stable’s colors. The back of the cards show the checklist grouped by nationality (the list here is alphabetical – nationality then name). These cards are not numbered. There’s 50 cards total in this set.



Racing Colors Of The World (50)

  1. Appleby & Johnson (American)
  2. E.J. Baldwin (American)
  3. Aug. Belmont (American)
  4. S.S. Brown (American)
  5. A.J. Cassatt (American)
  6. Ed. Corrigan (American)
  7. T.W. Doswell (American)
  8. Dwyer Bros. (American)
  9. Jas Galway, Preakness Stables (American)
  10. F. Gebhard (American)
  11. Walter Gratz (American)
  12. J.B. Haggin (American)
  13. N.W. Kitson (American)
  14. Wm. Lakeland (American)
  15. Mrs. G.I. Lorillard (American)
  16. Pierre Lorillard (American)
  17. G.B. Morris (American)
  18. J.D. Morrissey (American)
  19. R.W. Walden (American)
  20. D.D. Withers (American)
  21. Count W. Kawnitz (Austrian)
  22. Wm. Hendric (Canadian)
  23. H.M. King of the Netherlands (Dutch)
  24. Sir J. Astley (English)
  25. Duke of Beaufort (English)
  26. Sir George Chetwynd (English)
  27. H.R.H. Duke of Connaught (English)
  28. Sir R. Jardine (English)
  29. Sir F. Johnstone (English)
  30. Capt. Machell (English)
  31. Lord Manners (English)
  32. Mr. Manton (English)
  33. H.R.H. Prince of Wales (English)
  34. Duke of Portland (English)
  35. Earl of Rosebery (English)
  36. Duke of Westminster (English)
  37. Gen’l Owen Williams (English)
  38. Earl of Zetland (English)
  39. Prince D’Arenberg (French)
  40. Baron De Rothschild (French)
  41. Leopold De Rothschild (French)
  42. Mon. H. Delamarre (French)
  43. Mon. Ephrussi (French)
  44. Mon. C.J. Lefevre (French)
  45. Baron Schickler (French)
  46. Count Vauineaux (French)
  47. Count Lehndorff (German)
  48. Count Elemer De Batthyany (Hungarian)
  49. Chevalier E. Ginistrelli (Italian)
  50. Prince D. Soltykoff (Russian)

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