Allen & Ginter Prize And Game Chickens Checklist (ACC# N20)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter Prize And Game Chickens set (ACC# N20). This set was distributed around 1891-92. Most of these card fronts have the chicken pictured vertically but several are shown horizontally. These cards are not numbered. There’s 50 cards total in this set.



Prize And Game Chickens (50)

  1. American Light Brahma
  2. Andalusian Cock
  3. Ayam Jallak Malay Game Cock
  4. Black-Breasted Red Game Cock
  5. Black-Breasted Red Game Hen
  6. Black Frizzled Fowl
  7. Black Hamburgh
  8. Black Minorca Fowl
  9. Black Red Game Bantams
  10. Brown-Breasted Red Game Cock
  11. Brown Leghorn
  12. Buff Cochin China Cock
  13. Buff Cochin China Hen
  14. Creve-Coeur Hen
  15. Dark Brahma Cockerel
  16. Derbyshire Red Cap
  17. Dominique
  18. Duckwing Game Fowl
  19. Golden-Pencilled Hamburgh
  20. Golden-Spangled Hamburgh Cock
  21. Gold-Laced Bantam
  22. Guinea Fowl
  23. Henry Game
  24. Houdan Cock
  25. Japanese Bantam
  26. La Fleche Hen
  27. Langshan
  28. Malay Cock
  29. Partridge Cochin Cock
  30. Partridge Cochin Hen
  31. Pile Game Cock
  32. Pile Game Hen
  33. Plymouth Rock
  34. Rose-Combed Dorking Cock
  35. Silky Cock
  36. Silky Hen
  37. Silver-Grey Dorking Hen
  38. Silver-Pencilled Hamburgh
  39. Silver-Spangled Hamburgh
  40. Silver-Spangled Polish
  41. Sultan Fowl
  42. Wheaten Game Hen
  43. White Cochin Cock
  44. White-Crested Black Polish
  45. White Dorking Hen
  46. White-Faced BL Spanish Cock
  47. White-Faced BL Spanish Hen
  48. White Leghorn Hen
  49. White Plymouth Rock
  50. Wyandotte Cock (Silver Laced)

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