Allen & Ginter Naval Flags Checklist (ACC# N17)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter Naval Flags set (ACC# N17). The checklist on some card backs in the set show “Great Britain Union Jack” and “U.S. Jack” cards, neither card is part of this set (although they do exist in the N9 set). The two cards not always shown on the back are “Austria: Commodore’s Pennant” and “United States: Commodore’s Pennant”. There was also a Naval Flags banner produced (ACC# G12).

These cards are unnumbered, the numbers shown here are arbitrary. There’s 50 cards total in this set.




Naval Flags (50)

  1. Austria: Commodore’s Pennant
  2. Austria: Grand Admiral
  3. Austria: Rear Admirial
  4. Belguim: Admiral
  5. Belgium: Commodore’s Pennant
  6. Brazil: Admiral
  7. Brazil: Commodore’s Pennant
  8. Chili: Rear Admiral
  9. China: Admiral
  10. Denmark: Admiral
  11. Denmark: Commodore’s Pennant
  12. Denmark: Vice Admiral
  13. France: Admiral
  14. France: Rear Admiral
  15. France: Vice Admiral
  16. Germany: Man of War
  17. Great Britain: Admiral
  18. Great Britain: Admiral of the Fleet
  19. Great Britain: Commodore’s Pennant
  20. Great Britain: Lord High Admiral
  21. Great Britain: Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
  22. Great Britain: Naval Reserve and Pennant
  23. Great Britain: Prince of Wales Standard
  24. Great Britain: Vice Admiral
  25. Italy: Admiral
  26. Italy: Commodore’s Pennant
  27. Japan: Admiral First Rank
  28. Japan: Admiral Second Rank
  29. Japan: Admiral Third Rank
  30. Mexico: Admiral
  31. Netherlands: Admiral
  32. Norway: Admiral
  33. Norway: Commodore’s Pennant
  34. Paraguay: Admiral
  35. Russia: Admiral
  36. Russia: General Admiral
  37. Russia: Minister of Marine
  38. San Domingo: Admiral
  39. Spain: Admiral
  40. Sweden: Admiral
  41. Sweden: Commodore’s Pennant
  42. United States: Admiral
  43. United States: Commodore’s Pennant
  44. United States: Naval Convoy
  45. United States: Naval Dispatch
  46. United States: President’s Flag
  47. United States: Rear Admiral
  48. United States: Revenue Flag
  49. United States: Secretary of the Navy
  50. United States: Vice Admiral

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