Allen & Ginter Flags Of All Nations 1st Series Variation Info (ACC# N9)

The Allen & Ginter Flags Of All Nations 1st series set has many variations and some very rare cards. This series went through several printings with different combinations of printing on the front and back of the cards. Following is a list of the variations I have researched so far, there are probably many more and I will add to this post as needed.


  • One printing lists 50 cards (the rest list 48). Extra cards are:
    • Roumania – rarest card, issued with only one printing.
    • Corea – also very rare, issued with two printings even though only listed on one.
  • Belgium card has a “Fancy” variant that has a pack of Virginia Brights on the front, regular version has the Belgium flag.
  • Great Britain card has a “Yellow Sun” variant, regular version has a green colored sun.

Card Fronts:

  • Text at bottom of card reads:
    • “Allen & Ginter’s Cigarettes”
    • or “Allen & Ginter’s Virginia Brights Cigarettes”
  • Some fronts have a plain gold or silver background
  • Usually a gold line framing the picture, but not always

Card Backs:

  • Title of the series is printed in one of the following formats:
    • Straight-line format
    • Arched format
    • Arched format with flared/fancier font
  • Text under title is:
    • “One packed in each box of ten cigarettes”
    • or “Right Bower Cigarettes”





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