Allen & Ginter Albums

Allen & Ginter produced souvenir albums for many of their early releases within the 1888-1890 period. Most were directly related to actual individual releases (American Editors, City Flags, etc…), however there were also several albums that did not have any connection to other releases.

The albums could originally be obtained by exchanging a number of coupons found packed with the cigarettes for the album.  The albums themselves are loose-leaf cardboard pages with string binding. Each page shows various decorations with a few images of the cards sprinkled in.

The albums not related to other card series are:

  • Floral Beauties (ACC# A19)
  • George Washington (ACC# A20)
  • Napoleon (ACC# A21)
  • Our Navy (ACC# A22)
  • Paris Exposition 1889 (ACC# A23)
  • With The Poets In Smokeland (ACC# A24)
  • World’s Inventors (ACC# A25)

Finding complete albums in good condition is very difficult, however albums with some damage and individual pages from albums are seen fairly regularly on eBay and other auction sites.




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