Allen & Ginter Fans of the Period Checklist (ACC# N7)

Here’s the checklist for the Allen & Ginter Fans of the Period set (ACC# N7). These cards are numbered, but there are no captions or text specific to each card. The checklist gives a short description of the card front. There’s 50 cards total in this set.

n7_30 n7_Back

Fans of the Period (50)

  1. V-neck, looking left
  2. Yellow hat with pink rose
  3. Hat with blue bow
  4. Owl on fan
  5. Straw hat with pink ribbon
  6. No hat, feather fan
  7. Short blue coat over shoulders
  8. No hat, yellow feather fan
  9. No hat, white feather fan
  10. Garland, yellow shirt
  11. Peacock fan, turkish hat
  12. Peacock fan, pink flowers in hair
  13. Brown fan, in rain
  14. No hat, roses on fan
  15. Elbow on brick wall
  16. No hat, see-through fan
  17. In chair, pink fan
  18. Fish on fan
  19. White bow in hair
  20. Fan behind back, blue bow on shoulder
  21. Red hat, blue fan
  22. See-through veil
  23. Yellow hat with gold bow
  24. Red neck wrap with gold coin
  25. Stork on fan
  26. Red circular fan
  27. Bluebird in hat
  28. Tan, club shaped fan
  29. Looking right, left glove at wrist
  30. Book in lap
  31. Cross necklace
  32. Yellow sash and bow around middle
  33. Red crown hat
  34. Red fan, looking right
  35. Feathers and flowers in hair
  36. Blue feather fan
  37. Blue circular fan
  38. Blue star in hair
  39. Green hat with pink roses on top
  40. Yellow star on hat
  41. Pink fan with yellow strap
  42. Back view, red fan
  43. Blue scarf, looking left
  44. Pink fan over right shoulder
  45. Drawing of couple on fan
  46. Fan behind back, red bow on hat
  47. Three birds on fan
  48. Gold checkered bow on hat
  49. Brown bird on hat
  50. Yellow roses on left side of dress

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