Allen & Ginter Indian Chiefs Error Info (ACC # N2)

Here’s some more info on the error variations found in the Allen & Ginter American Indian Chiefs set. The error cards are quite a bit harder to find and command a premium over the regular cards. The four error cards all depict the wrong Chief as follows:

Agate Arrow Point:
Correct: Chief has a wavy hair headdress
Error: Chief has a single feather on head (White Swan depicted)

Correct: Chief shown with fur hat with a feather
Error: Chief with a full feather headdress (Chief Gall depicted)

Chief Gall:
Correct: Wearing full feather headdress
Error: Shown with a wavy hair headdress (Agate Arrow Point)

White Swan:
Correct: Single feather on head
Error: Shown wearing a fur hat with a feather (British)

Correct Error
N2_AgateArrowPoint_Correct N2_AgateArrowPoint_Error
N2_British N2_British_Error

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