Allen & Ginter World’s Champions 2nd series (ACC# N29)

With the success of Allen & Ginter’s 1st series of World Champions, they soon followed up with another 50 card 2nd series set, ACC #N29. Both the 1st and 2nd series are very similar in design. Aside from different checklists, the key differences are:

  • “Allen & Ginter” text appears on the backs of the N29 cards vs the front of the N28s
  • N29 has “Second Series” text on the back
  • The N29 set lists additional information about the subject on the front of the card which differs depending on what sport is (the position and team is listed for the baseball players)

The 2nd series also has a wider variety of categories, including one “Club Swinger” – not sure I want to know…

Club Swinger All Around Athlete



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