Allen & Ginter World’s Champions 1st series (ACC# N28)

Allen & Ginter’s The World’s Champions set (ACC # N28) was the 1st series of a multi-sport set released in the late 19th century. Several sports are highlighted including baseball and boxing.

This set consisted of 50 unnumbered cards, split up into baseball players, oarsmen, wrestlers, pugilists, rifle shooters, billiard players and pool players. Anyone know the difference between a billiard player and a pool player? Sounds like the beginning of a joke but apparently there is a difference as this set split them up.

N28_MVignaux N28_AlbertFrey

Who is the billiard player and who is the pool player?

Depending on the condition of the card and who is depicted, you can currently find these cards for anywhere from $20-30 dollars to several hundred or more.

John L Sullivan - Boxer
John L Sullivan - Boxer

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